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Amber Gemstone Meanings, Properties & Qualities

Amber gemstone meanings, properties & qualitiesUsually thought of as a golden yellow colour but can also be found in shades of milky white, red-orange, grey, black and very rarely violet. Amber is found mainly in the baltic Sea, and is 40 to 55 million years old. Amber is superior in quality to any other resins. Nicknames the 'happy stone' because it is said that amber helps with depression, etc.

Asian cultures regard amber as the 'soul of the tiger'. Amber comes from trees and therefore it shares many spiritual qualities similar to that of a tree. For example; trees are beings whose roots bury deep into the earth, and whose tops reach to the sky. This is like a bridge between heaven and earth; the spiritual and the physical. Sap is the lifeblood of the tree, that carries and transmits its energy.

Thus: amber is seen to be the gemstone that can be used to ground spiritual energies into the physical body. This also works the opposite way round; if you are not feeling enough 'earth' energy (grounded) - amber can help you achieve this connection to the physical plane.

Amber gemstone meanings, properties & qualities 2Amber Gemstone Meanings - Emotional, Spiritual, etc

  • Amber relieves depression - called the 'happy stone'.
  • Amber promotes good luck and success.
  • Amber helps give a care free, sunny disposition.
  • Amber can change negative energy into positive energy.
  • Amber helps dissolve oppositions.
  • Amber is a symbol of courage in the far east.
  • Amber was used as a protection gemstone for travellers in ancient times.
  • Amber can be placed in your bath to aid relaxation.
  • Amber is great for chakra balancing and sorting out any energy blockages.
  • Amber is good for grounding or helping connect to the physical plane - also the opposite is true; helps you connect to the spiritual plane.
  • Amber emits soothing energy.
  • Amber relates to the 3rd chakra - navel chakra

Amber Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.

  • Amber is good for depression.
  • Amber was prescribed by many early physicians for: heart problems, headaches and arthritis.
  • Amber helps the spleen.
  • Amber can help with the bladder.
  • Amber can be used for detoxification and protection from radiation.
  • Amber helps the stomach.
  • Amber helps with kidney complaints.
  • Amber can help balance the Electro magnetics in the body.
  • Amber helps with teething pain in babies.
  • Amber helps with throat problems.
  • Amber reduces joint problems.
  • Amber helps the body heal itself.



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