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Flourite Garnet Gaspeite Goldstone
Blue Goldstone Green Aventurine Green Tourmaline Hematite
Howlite Iolite



Ailments, Illness, Properties, etc.
Flourite Found in many colours from rose pink to green, yellow, white, blue, purple to almost colourless.

Fluorite helps clear the mind and heighten mental achievement, whilst increasing the ability to concentrate.
Fluorite absorbs negative vibrations.
Fluorite increases ones ability to perceive higher levels of reality..
Fluorite makes you more receptive to other gemstones.
Fluorite is good to keep in every room of the house to absorb negative vibrations.
Fluorite is known as the 'genius stone'.
Fluorite helps decision making.
Fluorite helps with concentration.
Fluorite helps balance the positive and negative aspects of ones mind.
Fluorite is used in treatment of bones, teeth and cell structure.
Fluorite helps protect against colds and flu.
Fluorite is benifical for the throat, nose, mouth, ears, lungs and teeth - all viral infections.
Fluorite is benifical for tumors.
Fluorite is benifical for DNA.
Fluorite is benifical for detoxification.
Fluorite encourages one to maintain ones ideals of health and well-being.
Fluorite is benifical for anxiety.
Fluorite is benifical for insomnia.
Fluorite helps with the respiration tract by stimulating cell regeneration i.
Fluorite fortifies bones - improves arthritic and other joint ailments (can be laid directly on the body).
Fluorite can be used in conjunction with other gemstones - to help open the way for the power of the other gemstone.

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Garnet Known for being deep-red but can also be found in shades of green, pink, yellow, and gray

Garnet helps with self-esteem.
Garnet symbolises faith, courage, fire, honesty, fidelity, grace and compassion.
Garnet can make you more popular.
Garnet protects travellers.
Garnet brings constancy to friendships.
Garnet helps combat depression and laziness.
Garnet is thought to attract love and soul mates.
Garnet is said to enhance creativity.
Garnet is associated with the 1st chakra - root chakra.
Garnet is believed to be the 'gemstone of health' - balancing energy and providing protection and a calming stable vitality.
It is believed if you put Garnet under your pillow it can cure depression.
Garnet helps increase sex drive.
Garnet stimulates bloodstream.
Garnet is associated with the thyroid - enhances the body in assimilation of iodine.
Garnet is associated with the spleen.
Garnet helps cleanse and purify the thyroid and spleen.
Garnet repairs damage to DNA.
Garnet enhances the body in assimilation of iodine, calcium, magnesium and vitamin A and E.

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Gaspeite Apple green and can have brown patches.

Gaspeite aids assurance.
Gaspeite helps with stress.
Gaspeite is good for opening the mind to new possibilities.
Gaspeite is used to being good fortune and success.
Gaspeite awakens illusions.
Gaspeite attracts friendship.
Gaspeite removes the veil between distress and ignorance.
Gaspeite helps with emotional stress.
Gaspeite helps you relate to the heart chakra.
Gaspeite is good for building confidence & self assuredness.
Gaspeite helps prevent loss.
Aboriginals use gaspeite to bring visions and grant success.
Gaspeite helps with the lungs.
Gaspeite helps with the heart.
Gaspeite helps with the gallbladder.
Gaspeite helps with emotional stress.

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Goldstone Reddish-brown colour with tiny glittery bits.

Goldstone is great for positive energy.
Goldstone renews strength.
Goldstone is a transmitter stone.
Goldstone balances energies.
Goldstone symbolises human ingenuity to improve your life.
Goldstone has been known to encourage faith.
Goldstone is not for the shy and self-effacing.
Goldstone can induce happy thoughts.
Goldstone helps keep your feet on the ground.
Goldstone stops you becoming big headed.
Goldstone activates root and sacral chakras.
Goldstone is said to protect the center of the body.
Goldstone stimulates you physically.
Goldstone balances energies.
Goldstone can be gently uplifting.
Goldstone can be a great mood stabiliser.
Goldstone renews strength.
Goldstone can help to reduce stomach tension.

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Blue Goldstone Blue in colour with tiny glittery bits.

Blue goldstone is a lucky gemstone.
Blue goldstone is great for providing composure.
Blue goldstone aids transformation of thoughts from one person to another.
Blue goldstone is good stabilising emotions.
Blue goldstone is good for giving energy.
Blue goldstone helps remove or repel unwanted entities from your environment.
Blue goldstone is the gemstone of wisdom and science, helping us remember the light within the darkness and showing us to reach for the stars.
Blue goldstone is good for lifting depression.
Blue goldstone eases pain of arthritis, rheumatism and other aches and pains.
Blue goldstone is great for anxiety.
Blue goldstone helps with pain and inflammation.

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Green Aventurine From pale green to a deep forest green.

Green aventurine is one of the best gemstone for luck - carry it in your left pocket for luck.
Green aventurine is a great all round healing gemstone - many people have success with this gemstone.
Green aventurine is known to soothe the heart and emotions.
Green aventurine helps create a feeling of well-being and balance.
Green aventurine has been known as the gemstone of opportunity.
Green aventurine is not just a physical healer, but heals on all levels.
Green aventurine dissolves blockages.
Green aventurine is especially good when used on the heart chakra.
Green aventurine is good for stressful periods - used in the solar plexus area in crystal layouts, good for when stress becomes internalised.
Carry green aventurine during challenging situations.
Green aventurine can be used with other more 'harsh' gemstones eg. can be used with malachite - once the malachite gemstone has been used to open up emotional blockages and made them surface. Green aventurine then dissolves these blockages.
Green aventurine stimulates renewal on all levels - emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.
Green aventurine helps with stressful periods - when worn can be very effective for stress.
Green aventurine is a great all round healing gemstone - many people have success with this gemstone.
Green aventurine has been used to aid nearsightedness.
Green aventurine helps dissolve emotional blockages (when used with malachite for instance).
Many people have has success when using green aventurine for healing.
Green aventurine is really good for teenagers.

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Green Tourmaline Green

Green tourmaline is a great healer on all levels - believed to open up a conduit for healing.
Green tourmaline is a good gemstone for natural healers.
Green tourmaline promotes an appreciation of life.
Green tourmaline can facilitate attunement between the heart and the 3rd eye.
Green tourmaline promotes balance.
Green tourmaline is good for the stimulation of creativity.
Green tourmaline attracts money, prosperity and success in business.
Green tourmaline is known to be helpful for creativity and abundance.
Green tourmaline assists in activities related to plant energy.
Green tourmaline encourages openness.
Green tourmaline strengthens the heart.
Green tourmaline helps facilitate weight loss.
Green tourmaline helps with the nervous system - to circulate increased spiritual energy.
Green tourmaline helps with the thymus and ductless glands.
Green tourmaline combats chronic exhaustion.
Green tourmaline promotes male balance.
Green tourmaline has detoxification effects.
Green tourmaline helps with the immune system.

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Hematite Silver-grey, shiny, metalic

Hematite inspires peace in people.
Hematite brings balance.
Hematite give a sense of clarity.
Hematite is a grounding gemstone.
Hematite helps to develop the psychic mind.
Hematite increases intuition.
Hematite improves relationships
Hematite Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.
Hematite is good for the blood and kidney disorders.
Hematite has been worn as an amulet against bleeding.
Hematite helps the small intestine by increasing iron absorption - which increases oxygen levels in the body.
Hematite helps to energise the spleen and will generally strengthen the body.
Some people may be sensitive to hematite and has been known to give some a slight inflammation when worn against the skin. Make sure you do a test on your skin before wearing it.

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Howlite White with grey or black 'spiders webs" throughout - looks like a marble effect

Howlite is great when trying to achieve artistic goals or working on an artistic project.
Howlite stimulates the imagination.
Howlite encourages reasoning.
Howlite helps with observation.
Howlite can help you contact your spirit guide.
Howlite helps with discernment.
Howlite helps with patience.
Howlite helps with tact.
Howlite is a stone of memory, knowledge and progress.
Howlite can help with astral projection.
Howlite can help gain insight into past lives - if used with the third eye chakra it helps reawaken memories from past lives.
Howlite absorbs anger - place the gemstone in your pocket.
Howlite can help you overcome critical or selfish behavior.
Howlite is believed to bring good luck.
Howlite Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.
Howlite helps balance calcium levels in the body, aiding absorption and distribution.
Howlite calms and comforts.
Howlite helps with sleep.
Howlite relieves anger and stress.
Howlite relieves pain.
Howlite aids breathing.
Howlite strengthens teeth and bones especially in pregnancy.

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Iolite Usually blue/purple which changes colour in the light.

Iolite helps with money problems - whether it be managing money, getting out of debt, re-aligning finances and helping you to gain financial independence.
Iolite enhances intuition.
Iolite stimulates the 3rd eye chakra.
Iolite intensifies the thinking process and mental powers.
Iolite is one of the best stones to use in psychic, healing, and spiritual activities
Iolite is said to help build relationships.
Iolite is a good gemstone for meditation and astral travel.
Iolite is helpful when dealing with addictions, including alcoholism.
Iolite assists in detoxification as well as maintaining sobriety.
Iolite helps to awaken us to the inner knowledge that so patiently waits within each of us.
Iolite helps one to stay in the moment, therefore it is useful when trying to meditate.
Iolite helps eliminate and release discord in relationships.
Iolite enhances leadership abilities, power, inner strength, self confidence and executive ability.
Iolite Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.
Iolite is good for sobriety and alcoholism.
Iolite helps to heal throat.
Iolite is good for varicose veins.
Iolite is said to be useful for blisters.
Iolite helps with cholesterol.
Iolite aids the liver.
Iolite can help to eliminate toxins.
Iolite can help with malaria.
Iolite is good for fever producing disorders such as chronic infections.
Iolite can help with blisters.

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