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Jewellery Art offers lots of contemporary jewellery, including contemporary silver jewellery, ethnic jewellery, UK handmade jewellery, beaded jewellery, gemstone jewellery and vintage jewellery. All these kinds of jewellery have some contemporary and some not. On the whole though the jewellery we offer is contemporary jewellery.

Treat yourself to an amazing piece of contemporary jewellery made from different kinds of gemstones, each one has it own unique colour and meaning. Look through the ethnic jewellery which is really fashionable at present, and choose a contemporary piece from the wide range we offer. Take a chance on a piece of vintage jewellery, although it was created years ago, many pieces have a very contemporary feel. Pick the right piece and everyone will think is it an amazing item of contemporary jewellery.

The term contemporary jewellery is not just for modern jewellery, even if the pieces were made years ago the piece can still be contemporary. It is all to do with what's in fashion and what is desirable at that time. It also has a lot to do with personal style and if you have it, you can look contemporary and stylish in what you know works and looks great. If you are not sure what suits you and how to put items of clothing etc together to get the best results, you may end up looking strange.

The best advice I can give if you are looking for contemporary jewellery is to go for clean lines, not too chunk, not too over the top and sophisticated it best. Unless you know what you want and what looks good on you, stick to fairly plain, minimal contemporary jewellery.

If there is an item of contemporary jewellery that you have been looking for and can not find. Please don't hesitate to contact me and I will either get that piece made especially for you, or find something similar to buy in for you. Where ever I can I will try to help in any way possible.


Remember that jewellery Art offer a professional and personal service to all!



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