Coral Gemstone Meanings

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Coral Gemstone Meanings, Properties & Qualities

Found in a range of colours - white, red, black to blue, and brown, although red is considered the most sought after colour. Not any type of coral can be to create the red jewellery we all know. Only two types; corallium rubrum and corallium japonicum. Found in the Mediterranean sea - off the coat of Australia, the South Pacific, the waters of Japan and Africa.

Coral is chemically similar to pearls and has been known to grow as tall as 40cm, with branches 4cm thick. It is polished to create the coral jewellery we see in shops. Once believed to be a plant, coral is actually made up of living animals called 'polyps'. Coral is the accumulated skeletal masses from these polyps.

Looking after Coral

Shouldn't be worn with any cosmetic products such as acidic perfume. Also take care from hard blows and bright light. Any chemicals would certainly have an effect on a piece of coral.

Coral has been used in jewellery since prehistoric times. Found in Celtic tombs and a symbol of wealth in China. Used by Tibetan Lamas to this day as coal rosaries. Coral is one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scriptures.

Used to decorate art objects dating back thousands of years. Dreams of coral often indicate a recovery from a long term illness.

Coral Gemstone Meanings - Emotional, Spiritual, etc.

  • Pink shades of coral help restore harmony to the heart.
  • Coral is very popular for use in jewellery for young girls.
  • Coral is said to ward off evil spirits.
  • Coral soothes fears and tensions.
  • Coral prevents ill fortune.
  • Coral is a good meditation or visual aid.
  • Coral helps to quieten the emotions.
  • Coral symbolises life and blood force energy.
  • Coral helps to connect with the quality of the mystic within.
  • Coral has healing power energies.
  • Coral strengthens self-esteem.
  • Coral facilitates intuition.
  • Coral aligns chakras.
  • Coral assists with clearing judgement, frustration and resentment at being told what to do.
  • Coral helps you recognise the self within.
  • Coral connects us to our etheric/spiritual body.
  • Coral is related to the transfer of knowledge of past masters, and valued in mystic traditions.
  • Coral is the birthstone for October and November.
  • Coral relates to these signs of the zodiac; Aries, Taurus and Libra.
  • Coral relates to the planet Mars.
  • Coral relates to the 1st chakra - Root chakra.

Coral Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.

  • Coral is good to stimulate tissue regeneration.
  • Coral soothes tension.
  • It is believed (in ancient times) that coral is good for protection against skin diseases - when worn as a necklace.
  • Coral helps with lethargy.
  • Coral helps with nutrient deficiency.
  • Coral has healing power energies.
  • Dark red coral - used for stimulating and heating the bloodstream.
  • Pink coral is used to restore harmony to your heart.
  • Coral is a good depression aid.
  • Coral helps with digestion.
  • Coral helps the body to clear cholesterol from the circulatory system by enhancing the production and absorption of niacin into the physical body.
  • Coral helps with lung difficulties.

Fossil Coral (agateised coral)

Gradulayy and over time coral is replaced with agate. The fossilised coral appears as white 'flowers' on the stone. Found in brown, black, gray, white, yellow and sometimes red. Mostly found in Georgia in Florida.

Fossilised Coral Gemstone - Emotional, Spiritual, Healing, etc

  • Fossil coral is a strong emotional gemstone.
  • Fossil coral helps bring balance and stability.
  • Fossil coral is a great gemstone for balancing emotions - therefore bringing out memories of this life and past ones.
  • Coral assists in helping recall past lives and also to help you understand these past influences.
  • Coral helps bring a more positive approach in ones emotional outlook and expression.
  • Coral aids transformation and transition.
  • Coral helps spiritual development.
  • Coral helps us to recognise the self within.
  • White fossil coral - relates to 5th chakra - throat chakra.



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