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There are many different kinds of costume jewellery, because of this people do get confused about the meaning of the term costume jewellery. I have always known the term costume jewellery to mean all jewellery except expensive fine jewellery, that uses precious metals and stones. However, this is not always the case. Costume jewellery actually gets its name from its use in stage costumes at the theatre and such. Many people think of costume jewellery as flashy and inexpensive but this is defiantly not always the case. This website 'Jewellery Art' offers you the customer a wide range of costume jewellery from ethnic costume jewellery to vintage costume jewellery.

Jewellery Art will do its very best to provide you the customer with really wicked and unusual pieces of costume jewellery. This is the reason the website was created in the first place, to give the general public the chance to purchase really original items of costume jewellery easily. Especially the kinds of costume jewellery that is from far away places. Bringing all this costume jewellery to your doorstep in a very easy and user friendly way. The shopping environment was created with you in mind, to make it as easily navigated and pleasant as possible. I hope we have achieved this, and if you can think of any changes or suggestions that would be useful then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Costume jewellery is a very important element in fashion today, wearing the right costume jewellery can either make or break an outfit. Its all about what suits you and what compliments your clothes. Fashion does play a very important role in many peoples lives, however if what you are wearing doesn't suit you as a person then it doesn't matter if its is in fashion or not! This is a mistake many people make over and over again. Costume jewellery plays a big part in fashion, and looking your best. Many people know what suits their figure and look, and then use costume jewellery to make their style unique and the envy of all.

A few of the key things to remember when choosing costume jewellery and an outfit to wear are:

  • Make sure you pick a style of trouser, skirt, jacket, top or garment to suit your body shape. Choosing the wrong shape won't make you look good.
  • Keep it simple (unless you really know what your doing), because putting many different styles, shapes and colours together can just look like you have randomly picked clothes, and you end up looking like a bag lady!
  • Keeping your clothes simple and stylish and dressing them up with amazing, unique costume jewellery is a really great trick, and works very well.
  • Using complimentary colours in your costume jewellery and clothes is important. Colours that 'clash' can make your costume jewellery and clothes look cheap and nasty.
  • Don't just buy costume jewellery and clothes because they are in fashion, if needs be consult a professional to find out what kinds of colours and shapes suit you and your shape, and then shop accordingly.


At the end of the day we all want to look at our best, and if we can help you in any way we would really love to. This is also why we try to offer a good range of costume jewellery, so there is something for everyone.



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