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Delivery Information

There are postage options available to you, so please use the suitable one for your purchase. We advise you take the Special Delivery Option to protect your parcel. This is because Special Delivery offers compensation on lost, stolenor damaged items. This is the only postage option where you can insure your goods.

Jewellery Art are not responsible for any items lost or damaged in the post. Please also make sure you bear this in mind when you are sending goods back.

Recorded Delivery does not insure your goods, but it does make the package traceable.

First Class post is suitable for cheap items only. We would advise you to only use this option if the item is under £10, not more expensive pieces. These items are sent at the buyers own risk.

Jewellery Art uses Special Delivery as standard, unless stated otherwise by the customer.

I Need the Items Sent to a Different Address..

If you need the jewellery sent to another address please put this in the paypal box that asks for your address - state which address is the delivery address, and which one the invoice should be sent to. Alternatively email me and give all the details and we will be happy to do this for you. If the item is for a present please also include this information, so I can make sure the packaging is done appropriately.

When will I receive the goods?

We aim to dispatch your order once the total balance has cleared in the bank via PayPal (usually within 5 working days). This is to cover ourselves from fraudulent buyers in PayPal. Once the parcel has been dispatched using Special Delivery it will arrive with you the next working day.

Please do not use the eCheque payment option in PayPal unless you don't need the items in a hurry. This is because the actual eCheque payment takes 5-10 days to clear, and then we have to wait for the amount to clear in our bank account. Altogether this process takes at least one week minimum.

What if the item isn't in stock?

If the items are not in stock this process may take a little longer, but we would notify you via email straight away. If we have any problems with your order and can not post it within 14 days then we offer the option to cancel your order.

Some of the items on the website come from the US, so ordering these items will cost more in delivery and will take approx 2 weeks to arrive. Other one-off items can not be re-ordered.

What if I need the goods quickly?

If you need to goods quickly then please email us before placing the order and we will try to help as best we can.

Christmas Delivery

If you want an item for Christmas, you will need to order by 20th December. This is because Jewellery Art have to wait for the PayPal payment to clear before they can post the item.

To read the last delivery dates for Christmas please click here to go to the Royal Mail website.

Delivery Time

Not including the time it takes for the balance to clear in the bank.

First Class post takes around 1 to 3 days to arrive.
Recorded Delivery takes around 1-3 days to arrive.
Special Delivery arrives the day after it is sent, and the delivery time is guaranteed (except for saturdays). This is the option Jewellery Art use unless the customer states otherwise.

Overseas Postage

Jewellery Arts' shopping cart is set up for UK postage costs only. If you wish to order good to be sent overseas, please contact Jewellery Art first and we will arrange the additional postage costs for you. Once the cost has be verified and agreed we will send an invoice via PayPal. When the amount has cleared in the bank the good will be posted.

Royal Mail Postal Costs:

Depending on the postal option you want, the delievry cost will differ. The PayPal delivery is defaulted to Special Delivery. If you wish to recieve your parcel via any other kind of delivery please email me first to discuss. Any questions or comments regarding postage please email me. If you want the most expensive postage option you will need to indicate this to me via emai or in the comments box on the PayPal payment screen. If you are ordering one or two items from Jewellery Art the postal cost is usually £5.

Postal Strikes

In the event of a postal strike Jewellery Art will do their very best to get your parcel delivered at the earliest possible opportunity. Although, delays should be expected on postal strikes, and Jewellery Art are not accountable for this.

The prices below and on the terms and conditions page are just a guide, not an exact price. I reserve the right to increase or decrease the postal charge as necessary.

Special delivery (next day) costs
- Standard price (includes up to £500 compensation)




If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Jewellery Art.



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