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Ethnic jewellery is very fashionable at present (2005), everywhere you look there is ethnic jewellery for sale. This is great for me because I really love ethnic jewellery, it is my jewellery of choice. Because it is so readily available it is not hard to find ethnic jewellery that I like. However, I do have a problem finding ethnic jewellery that is rare or unusual.

This is because all the ethnic jewellery available in the high street shops is mass produced. Everywhere you go you see someone wearing a similar piece of ethnic jewellery to what you have. I personally don't want this, I like to look different and wear unusual, unique pieces of ethnic jewellery. Because of this I have started this online shop - Jewellery Art.

Jewellery Art offers original, rare pieces of ethnic jewellery from many different places all over the world. I enjoy searching for rare, unusual items and giving people that chance to buy and wear this kind of original ethnic jewellery. Having your own style and knowing what suits you as a person is a good skill to have, that not everyone has. Personally I know what to wear and what to avoid, because of my unusual dress sense i suit ethnic jewellery really well. However, this is not the case for everyone, I have seen people wearing items of ethnic jewellery that just look silly. But because they are in fashion they think by wearing it they will look good.

Ethnic jewellery comes in may different styles and kinds. the advice i would give to people when shopping for ethnic jewellery is, think about what you have in your wardrobe. Bear this in mind when looking round the Jewellery Art website. When you see a piece or pieces of jewellery that you think would go really well with an item of clothing of outfit you have, go for it.

Make sure that you are not buying the ethnic jewellery just because it is in fashion, ask yourself this question, "would I still buy this if it wasn't in fashion?" If the answer is yes then great, but if it is no then don't buy it! When buying ethnic jewellery and clothes to wear with your ethnic jewellery, try as best you can to think about how you would match it up. How you would wear it, and which items would you put together.

Ethnic jewellery is wonderful, the kind of ethnic jewellery that we offer is original, unusual and full of culture and history.



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