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Jewellery Art is a retailer of fashion jewellery, in the uk. Offering bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, hair accessories and more for all your fashion jewellery needs. The collections range from ethnic fashion jewellery, to vintage fashion jewellery, to gemstone fashion jewellery, and more.

Many of the ethnic pieces are in great demand at present, the fashion world has gone mad about ethnic jewellery, and everybody is snapping it up. Everywhere you go on the high street there is some kind of ethnic fashion jewellery. Because Jewellery Art does not sell items that you would find on the high street, what you purchase here is unique and authentic. Not the cheap imitations you find elsewhere. The real thing from many different countries all over the world. Bring you fashion jewellery with culture and history.

You will not find this kind of fashion jewellery in many places. We pride ourselves on buying from poor countries for a fair price. From the people who create amazing pieces of jewellery, using techniques that have been passed down generations. Some of the places Jewellery Art feature jewellery from are Peru, Tibet, India, China, and others.

Gemstone fashion jewellery is another area that Jewellery Art specialise in. Buying unusual gemstones from all over the world and creating unique pieces of gemstone fashion jewellery. Jewellery Art also buy in special pieces of gemstone jewellery, rare pieces that will be the envy of all. Because gemstones are also becoming very popular these days, this kind of fashion jewellery is also in great demand.

The beauty of gemstone fashion jewellery is that it not only looks amazing but it has meanings and properties related to the particular stones used. For example if you were to purchase an Amber ring, the gemstone amber is known as "the happy stone" it helps to relieve depression, improves decision making and in the far east it is known as a symbol of courage (amongst other things). You not only get a fantastic piece of fashion jewellery, but a stone to help you in many ways.

Vintage fashion jewellery is another area that Jewellery Art specialise in. Bringing you pieces of vintage jewellery from the past into the present. These pieces also have a sense of history and a story to tell. Unique pieces of vintage fashion jewellery are like gems of the past, and when you hold them you can just imagine the previous owners and their lives. Because vintage jewellery is old this makes the pieces again unique and rare. Unlike anything you would find in a high street shop.

If you are looking for fashion jewellery that makes a statement, is original and inspired then Jewellery Art is the place to come.

Offering you nothing but the best, so go on indulge yourself and be the envy of all!




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