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The handmade jewellery that I make is great because it is made with love. Created using mostly natural things, such as shells and wooden beads. This year shell jewellery is very popular with the fashion world, and can be seen everywhere. Because this is handmade jewellery the designs are unique and all of the handmade jewellery is either limited edition or one-of-a-kind. This gives you the edge in style and fashion, giving you an original edge.

Some of my pieces of handmade jewellery are chunky, I love chunky jewellery that makes a statement. When ever I have worn one of my creations comments have always been made, people saying thing like, "where did you get that necklace, its amazing?" or "wow I've never seen anything like that before, its great!" Receiving compliments like that is wonderful and gives you a real sense of confidence in your style.

Shell pendants are also very popular this year, but my handmade jewellery is not as simple as the kinds of shell pendants you buy on the high street. I always make them different, unlike what I have seen so much of. Handmade jewellery that has a wow factor is utterly fantastic. Many will be envious of you, and they will want to copy you. The great thing is that if you tell them where you purchased the handmade jewellery from, they are unlikely to buy something the same. This is because of the limited edition and of-of-a-kind pieces.

Feathers are also a big part of my work at present. Dyed ones and natural ones - they all make great focal points. If it was up to me I would add feathers to everything, I get obsessed with them! Hair pieces with feathers are really fantastic, they give a great hair style a contemporary edge. Feathers in earrings are also great, and go really well with the ethnic, boho look.

If there is a piece of my handmade jewellery that you like but would like a different colour, or a slightly different style, all you have to do is send me the details and I will create the piece of handmade jewellery especially for you.

Remember my handmade jewellery is inspired and original - so go on indulge yourself!



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