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Jewellery Art is a great jewellery store where you can purchase many different kinds of costume jewellery. As a jewellery store we offer mostly ethnic jewellery, from many differently parts of the world. Specialising in rare, original and large pieces of jewellery. However we also offer other kinds of costume jewellery that is more contemporary.

Our range of costume jewellery is excellent, offering only the best quality items for you the customer. The ethnic jewellery we offer is from, Tibet, India, China and many other places around the world. Many of the pieces of jewellery include gemstones, from Turquoise to Amber to Tigers Eye, our range just keeps on getting bigger. Jewellery Art is the jewellery store for lovers of chunky, ethnic and contemporary jewellery.

Many beautiful pieces of jewellery such as Peruvian necklaces, Indian bangles and Tibetan pendants, all have a variety of gemstones in them. Some are delicate and beautiful, some chunky and make a statement, which ever you like they are all wonderful. Tell you friends about this jewellery store, spread the word, as we do need your help too!

The style of this jewellery store is very modern and yet bohemian, if you have ever heard of 'boho chic' then our jewellery fits this description very well. The selection of handmade jewellery also has a 'boho chic' look, and all handmade by myself, this means that all the designs are original and unique. If these is an item of jewellery that you really want and can not find anywhere, just send me a description etc and I will either create it for you, or get it made for you.

If there is any way which our jewellery store can help you then don't hesitate to contact us - we would be pleased to help. Jewellery Art is a pioneering jewellery store, giving the UK the opportunity to purchase rare pieces of jewellery from many different countries, no matter how remote or difficult to obtain.


This luxury jewellery store is a class above the rest, we offer an easily navigated environment, with exquisite pieces of jewellery and exceptional customer service.



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