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Jewelry Art offer a wide range of rare and very special costume jewelry from all over the world. The online shop was created to supply the UK with jewelry from many different countries around the world, jewelry that would be very hard to buy in the UK. The kind of jewelry that the company are focusing on at the moment is very ethnic, this is due to the growing ethnic fashions at present. However, we offer many different kinds of jewelry such as vintage jewelry, costume jewelry, gemstone jewelry, beaded jewelry and more.

We try and cater for many different styles and tastes where ever possible. If there are any pieces that you would like to see more of, or something you just cant find anywhere, then please send me an email and I will try to help. I may be able to find an item of jewelry that you have specifically been looking for, or maybe just supply more of a specific style of jewelry. What ever your jewelry needs please don't hesitate to ask - I am always glad to help.

The special thing about this jewelry is that the items are either one-offs or limited edition pieces. This means that you wont get someone else wearing the same piece of jewelry as you. It is our aim to be nothing like high street shops, where an item is mass produced and everybody ends up wearing the same, or very similar items. Individuality and originality are very important to Jewelry Art, we strive to maintain quality and extraordinary jewelry at an affordable price.

Gemstone jewelry is a wonderful example of unique jewelry, this is because the gemstones used in our jewelry are always special. We make sure that the pieces of gemstone we use have something very striking and original about them - where no two pieces are the same. If you are one of those people who loves to stand out or be totally original then this jewelry is defiantly for you.

So go on and spoil yourself, you deserve it



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