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Handmade Peruvian jewellery is created with Alpaca silver and different genuine semi-precious stones / gemstone's.

This unbelievable Peruvian jewellery was handcrafted by native Peruvian artisans, their skills passed down generations for centuries. They create this incredible jewellery using only their hands and some simple tools, they have no help from modern complex tools or machinery, just an expertise in wire jewellery making.

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Costume jewellery butterflyThe semi-precious stones/gemstone's that are featured in this Peruvian jewellery are stones like Turquoise, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Tigers Eye, Sodalite, Cats Eye, Jasper, Pink and Blue Andean Opal, Agate, Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla, Black & White Onix, Obsidian, Serpentine, Sodalite, and many others. Each stone is hand-polished and hand-cut, this gives every stone its own unique charm and character. All semi-precious stone/gemstone has its own quality. If you click on my gemstone properties page there will be more information on each stone, so you can choose which stones are right for you. Some of the stones will promote healing, grounding, wealth, love, energy, wisdom and many many other qualities.


Costume jewellery shell and necalaceMurango glass is also used in some designs, also created by Peruvian artisans using traditional unrefined glass making techniques.
Alpaca silver is an alloy of approximately 60% copper, 20% zinc, 20% nickel, and 5 % tin its properties mean that it does not tarnish or rust and it does look like silver - you can not tell the difference. It is a cheaper alternative to silver as we know it - but without any drawbacks. I promise if the silver is not the quality you expected I will refund your item.

There are other materials used in Peruvian jewellery these materials are bamboo, bone, old coins, bull s horn, dried gourd and seeds, all collected from Peru. These add to the original look and feel of the jewellery. I can guarantee that all the materials used to make this peruvian jewellery is a very high quality.

There are many different kinds of Peruvian necklaces, the collections I have are sure to match any mood or style you have in mind. This Peruvian jewellery has a primitive yet elegant feel, there are many unique designs all originated from Peru, that make a distinctive statement.


Each piece has its own style, whether it be trendy and independent, elegant and sophisticated, ethnic and unique or luxurious and charming, I am sure we have what you are looking for. Because each piece has its own gemstone you can use the gemstone s qualities to help create a certain mood or style. Or use it help to balance a certain aspect of your personality or mood, depending on the circumstances.

This Peruvian jewellery also makes a fantastic gift for a loved one or friend. There is something for everyone. When you buy a piece of this jewellery for someone, it will transport them to the world of the Ancient Incas, filled with mystery, luxury and imagination. Experience the magnificence and brilliance created by Peruvian hands for yourself or for another.


This kind of art recognises no borders.

Because this jewellery is made one at a time, there will be many pieces that are limited or one of a kind, so you wont see the same thing over and over again. To me this is one of the reasons this peruvian jewellery is so special - you will be unique when you wear it.

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