Peruvian Opal Gemstone Meanings

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Peruvian Opal Gemstone Meanings, Properties & Qualities

The Peruvian opal is a relatively rare gemstone that originates from The Andes in peru. Its is the colour of the caribbean sea - blues and greens, and translucent. The colour does vary depending on how the gemstone has been cut, sometimes it can be a vibrant turquoise blue, and others it can be a clear stone. It also can be a mixture of the two. Sometimes the Peruvian opal can have black fern like inclusions which is when it is dendritic. Peruvian opal is quartz with trapped water and prized for its amazing colour. It is referred to as Gem Silica, Andean Opal or Jelly Opal because of its jelly-like appearance.

Peruvian Opal Gemstone Meanings - Emotional, Spiritual, etc.

  • Peruvian opal is related to the 6th chakra - the third eye.
  • Peruvian opal is said to stimulate creativity.
  • Peruvian opal is said to take away tension in communication.
  • Peruvian opal can help us face the future.
  • Peruvian opal can help ideas flow more freely.
  • Peruvian opal is said to aid astral travel.
  • Peruvian opal helps to improve psychic ability.
  • Peruvian opal helps release stress.

Peruvian Opal Gemstone Meanings - Healing, Medical, Physical, etc.

  • Peruvian opal softens the impact of stress from the outside world.
  • Peruvian opal aids restful sleep.
  • Peruvian opal aids the healing of muscular swelling.
  • Peruvian opal can quieten the mind.
  • Peruvian opal can help release the trauma of old wounds.
  • Peruvian opal helps with hair loss.
  • Peruvian opal helps with healing of the thymus.



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