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Recycled Jewellery

Recycled jewellery is a wonderful new idea for creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. Ethical and eco-friendly, recycled jewellery is a wonderful way to re-use all those forgotton and thrown away objects.

Creating jewellery from recycled and found objects and materials is one of the most creative ways I know of to make unusual and one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Recycled jewellery can be created from any objects or materials - second-hand objects such as spoons or old jewellery, taken to bits and re-made in a new creative way.

There are many reasons why we should buy recycled jewellery, ethically and ecologically - here are just a few reason to buy recycled jewellery...

  • Recycled jewellery is good for the environment - promoting the re-use of old items instead of just ending up as land fill.
  • Recycled jewellery is unusual and there aren't many identical pieces - each item has its own character and style. Often my work is one-of-a-kind.
  • Recycled jewellery has such personality and vision - you will be the envy of all your friends and loved ones with any handmade recycled jewellery.
  • Recycled jewellery means there is no need for gold and precious stone mines. Saving the lives of many people who would work in these mines.
  • Recycled jewellery is not created using very expensive materials and so if lost can be easily replaced without major expense.

Recycled Jewellery from Found Objects

I have been inspired by a book I have about making jewellery from found objects. The images in this wonderful jewellery book has made me think about jewellery in terms of found objects and materials. Creating a bracelet from bottle tops and an amazing tribal necklace from tooth pics!
Recycled jewellery is the most inspiring and expressive jewellery I have seen to date. Making a piece of recycled jewellery is like constructing a new work of art, each piece is unique and dependent on the materials and objects I have at that time.

Looking at all my collection of objects and materials and deciding which elements go together and how. I love this artistic process - making sketches in my sketch book, playing around with ideas and Objects.

I really love going round all our towns charity shops and markets collecting old and strange items to use in my next piece of recycled jewellery.

Another wonderful thing about recycled jewellery is that it can be custom made for the person - using objects/materials that they either like or have some kind of special meaning to them. Creating a piece of recycled jewellery using their hobby as a theme. This makes the piece of jewellery even more meaningful and personal.

Custom Made Recycled Jewellery

Have an old classic necklace re-made like new, or an old bracelet re-strung. Use an old piece of jewellery as a starting point for a new and creative piece of recycled jewellery.
maybe you want to get a piece of jewellery made for a friend or loved one. Think about what they are interested in or a special hobby or interest. Why not get a bespoke piece of recycled jewellery created for that special person.



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