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Contemporary Silver Jewellery

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Contemporary Silver Jewellery - circle nacklace

Contemporary Silver jewellery - feather 2 strand necklace

Contemporary Silver jewellery - heart studs

Contemporary Silver jewellery  - plain banded earrings

Contemporary Silver jewellery - heart with wings silver necklace

Contemporary Silver jewellery - tag ring

Contemporary Silver jewellery - ball stud earringa


Contemporary silver jewellery - band logo ring

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Jewellery Art is at the cutting edge of contemporary silver jewellery in the UK, offering an individual, modern range of contemporary silver jewellery. Our collection includes many items in many different styles - so there is something for everyone. Catering for individuals who want to indulge in our individuality and style.

Silver jewellery - woman Costume jewellery woman sunglassesLet the jewellery you wear reflect your personality.

We make sure that we keep up-to-date with fashions and styles that are in demand, so you can always purchase the pieces you love. However, we also enjoy offering unusual contemporary silver jewellery that is very special and rare, and even sometimes antique. Offering necklaces, bangles, bracelet's, earrings, pendants and rings - just follow the links to see our beautiful handcrafted pieces.

We take pride in our contemporary silver jewellery, and know that you will love it, and enjoy wearing it. Our contemporary silver jewellery makes the perfect gift for a loved one or friend, and what better way to express yourself through a gift. Even as a well deserved treat for yourself, our range of jewellery will inspire you.

This website gives you the shopper a wide choice, ranging from classic contemporary silver jewellery to unusual, individual silver jewellery.


Silver Jewellery

Silver has a great way of adapting to different fashions and styles, it has a cool and crisp white luster that is appealing to many people.

The Incas of Peru called silver "the tears of the moon", because of its strange gleam. Silver is often surrounded by mystery, the Chinese believe that if you hang a silver pendant or locket around a child's neck it would ward off evil spirits.

This amazing metal is great for making many different jewellery pieces, and looks great on anyone.


Silver Bracelet's

Contemporary silver jewellery bracelet's are great and can be worn at anytime day or night. Add the finishing touches to many outfits with contemporary silver jewellery bracelet's. Wear it sophisticated or ethnic, contemporary or classic, because contemporary silver jewellery bracelet's have many styles.



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