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There is lots of vintage jewellery around at the moment, and some of it doesn't look vintage at all! This is probably because there have been so many different styles of costume jewellery made over the years, and things go in and out of fashion. What may have been fashionable in the 60's and 70's may be very fashionable at present too!

Vintage jewellery is great because most people when they think of the term vintage jewellery think of old fashioned, some what tacky jewellery. This is defiantly not the case, and is you take a look through my collection of vintage jewellery you will soon see. Vintage jewellery can be created from many different things, such as silver, gold, silver plate, enamel, crystal , gemstones and much more. The different materials used sometimes reflect the period when it was made.

I love vintage jewellery because it has so much history within it, you can pick up a specific special, piece and just imagine its previous owners, where they lived, at what time they lived and all about their life. The is such a great fantasy to indulge in and is one of the main reasons I love vintage jewellery. The other main reason is that you are very, very unlikely to see anyone else wearing the same pieces of vintage jewellery as you. There are rare items that are very sought after, and not so rare items but still original and inspired.

Vintage jewellery is fantastic, and there are many many website out there selling different kinds of vintage jewellery. If you don't like what you find on my site then go have a look and I am sure you'll find something. The reasons I sell vintage jewellery are:

  • Vintage jewellery has a sense of history and fantasy, where you can be transported into another world.
  • You will not find the same pieces of vintage jewellery on any of your friends or acquaintances.
  • Vintage jewellery can make a slightly boring out-fit look so unique and stylish.
  • There are so many different kinds of vintage jewellery, the choice is endless.
  • Vintage jewellery is by far the most original and inspired jewellery to make that special out-fit even better!


Remember you can find all your vintage jewellery needs at Jewellery Art!



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